Student school year, group of volunteers, group of buddies, travelers... You most probably be part of a tribe! Order your customized totem to capture all the best moments of your tribe. Flash it with the Wimha application and post a picture on your tribe's map!

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How does it work?

When you are having a good time with your tribe's mate, grab your totem and flash it to create a nice online map.

Watch the video

Customize your totem

With your tribe's colours, your logo, you choose

Flash it!

Their is a code to flash on its back (with the free Wimha mobile app), enter your message and capture the moment with a picture. No need to have a internet connection.

Your tribe as you've never seen it before

All your members flashs are automatically pinpointed on a map! Is your tribe traveling?

Your tribe, worldwide

Customizable, accessible to everyone, exportable to your website

Why is it awesome?

in three points...

It is fun

With it, it has never been easier to ask someone to post on your tribe's webpage

Your tribe has the power

Members empower the tribe! They share all their best moments spent together

A membership feeling

A unique totem for your unique tribe. Members will be proud flying the tribes colours

They trust us

Why don't you?


The Wimha tribe

Bertran Ruiz


Tribe shaker, always ready to boost your tribe!

Martin Rallier

Totem father

Production is his thing, behing every totem is Martin's love

Simon Vacher

Product improver

Design, simplicity, user experience, product is everything.

Julien Derenty

Backend Developper

Code it, test it, push it, debug it, refactor it, repeat it

Are you a traveler?

with an original project?

We are big fans of travelers! Even more for those with an original project. If you are one of them feel free to contact us, we give away totems for travelers projects we like the most!

Give it a try


What do you think? Contact us, you'll receive an answer within 2days

1. How is the totem made?

The Wimha totem is made of wood, hand made in France with love.

2. I don't understand, who can flash the totem?

You just need a smartphone to flash a totem. You can flash it yourself or lend your phone to someone that he or she can flash it with the "guest mode".

3. Which app can I use to flash a totem?

The Wimha application. It is fast, free and works without an internet connection. Available for iOS and Android.

Get it on Google Play

4. How can I flash the totem without internet?

After having flashed the totem with internet, you can flash it any time you want without an internet connection. Even in the desert See the map

5. Is the map exportable to my own website?


6. Is the totem strong?

Hell yeah! But still avoid fire and ice contact.

7. Is my web page public?

Yes, you can send the link to anyone interested in your tribe. No need to be logged in to access the map's webpage.